My Employment Passport’s Gold programme will be available from May 2023. It will have thirty modules and introduce one main new element to build on the success to date: the opportunity for parents to interact directly with the programme, in harmony with what their children are learning at school, college, work placements and paid jobs.

If you would like to run the Gold programme from September, please contact Richard and he will give you a price outline based on the number of young people you would like to take part.

“I can't begin to adequately express what an impact our daughter’s job has had on her, a job that came about as a direct result of the My Employment Passport course. There has been a huge boost in her self-esteem and it has given her the confidence to approach and greet guests as they enter the Hotel dining area. She uses transferable skills learned at home and applies them to her workplace tasks and similarly, uses new skills taught to her by the hotel staff when she returns home. Our daughter is as proud of herself as we are of her, and earning her own money has given her that great feeling of self-worth.”

(a mum, East Grinstead)


“Thank you on behalf of me and my son. He’s become more understanding of what other people expect of him. He’s achieved a lot over the last year since he got his job. His self-esteem has gone up, his confidence has gone up and his personality has changed for the better. He’s getting on really well. He’s a big success.”

(a mum, Crawley)

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