My Employment Passport’s Bronze programme was facilitated by Ifield School in Gravesend, Kent. It was a twelve-week initiative in the spring and early summer of 2021. Founder of the initiative, Richard Lamplough, used the programme as an opportunity for a group for year 10 students with a variety of support needs to raise their employment aspirations. You can find out how he got on here:

“I have already seen an amazing impact on my pupils’ aspirations and discussion around future job opportunities. One young man in particular has historically struggled with discussing the future as it is ‘a very scary thing’. However, he looks forward to sessions, tells me they are ‘awesome’ and has stopped having anxious conversations with me about ‘growing up’, which in the past have led to out-bursts. For him, this is a huge step in reducing his many anxieties and not an outcome that I had anticipated. This story is just one example of the positive impact so far.”

- Sam Hargood, Head of KS4, Ifield School, Gravesend, Kent

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